Business Cost Saving Scheme

York BID are rolling out a Business Cost Savings scheme aimed at saving local businesses money across a range of services such as utilities, telecoms, trade waste, stationary, insurance, pest control and more. Our goal is to give businesses the opportunity to make a monetary return on the levy that they pay to the BID area annually.

This is a free service offered exclusively to levy paying businesses, so please don't hesitate to ring 01444 416529 or email and speak to one of our helpful consultants to see how much you could save. Alternatively, contact the BID team on 01904 809970 who will be happy to make an appointment on your behalf and answer any questions.

Things to consider:

  • No commission is earned on the service; all financial savings are passed onto you
  • On average 9/10 UK businesses are overpaying on credit/debit card merchant fees
  • Over 50 businesses have signed up to the same scheme rolled out by Shewsbury BID which in the last two years have collectedly saved over £150,000

To download the leaflet HERE


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