Minster FM Business Adverts

York BID has teamed up with Minster FM to promote the city centre to local residents, especially during specific events and festivals.

One popular campaign that has run since 2017 is the BID’s very own pop up radio station – Mince Pie Non Stop!  As it suggests, the radio station plays non stop Christmas hits during the Christmas market season running mid Nov to end of Dec.  The music is intersected by messages telling local residents what events are taking place/ reasons to visit the city centre, including the chance to win a £1,000 cash prize (only by coming into the city).

For Christmas 2018, the station had 32,000 live streams, with an average duration of 1h 20 mins.  An estimated audience of 3 times this amount tuned into the station via DAB radio.  The webpage alone had 9,000 page views with additional social media interaction.

In 2019 the BID and minster FM teamed up a third time to once again deilver North Yorkshire's non stop Christmas music station. However in 2019 the winner instead recieved a £1,000 York Gift card to spend in the city centre.

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