Trade Waste

Help us a achieve a better solution for city trade waste.

Every business produces waste, and it costs money to manage it. Searching the market for a good deal is time spent away from focussing on your customers.

York BID is considering how it can help. We’re exploring how we can use the collective buying power of York’s businesses to secure a low cost, high quality waste service for all our levy payers. We would run an open, competitive tender process to pick the waste management company that best meets businesses’ needs.

Before we begin discussing this service with waste collection companies, our aim is to get a greater undertanding commercial waste collection across the city centre and the demand for a new service. A levy payer survey was conducted online between 24th September 2018 and 22nd October 2018. The purpose of the survey was to:

  • introduce levy payers to the idea of a collaborative waste contract; and
  • establish the level of interest and appetite for change amongst levy payers.

The survey focused on how satisfied levy payers are with their current waste collection services. The results of the survey are soon to be released along with plans for taking the project forward.

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