York City Centre Insights Report - June 2021

York BID and City of York Council have recently partnered to invest in new technology that, moving forward, will offer both businesses and partners valuable insights into York’s local economy.

Movement Insights brings together data on O2 mobile users, VISA merchant and online transactions, as well as social media to paint a clear picture of how the city centre, businesses or other physical spaces are performing (all data is completely anonymised). As well as footfall, the report delves into; where visitors come from; visitors demographics including age, gender, and affluence; as well as where people spend their money and what on.

A new insights report will be published each month. We would like to invite all business owners, managers, staff and partner to familiarise themselves with the data and identify how it might be of benefit to them and their business. If you have any specific questions about the report or would like to offer feedback, please feel free to contact Chris Bush on chris.bush@theyorkbid.com

Link to report here

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