Improved Signage & Wayfinding

New signage was installed in York city centre during August 2018 as part of a joint initiative led by York Business Improvement District in partnership with City of York Council and York Civic Trust to make it easier for visitors and residents to find their way around the city centre.

The trial wayfinding totem has been installed in St Helens Square and will remain in place until the Autumn. The pilot scheme has been jointly funded by York BID and City of York Council, each contributing £18,000 to the project.

The new bronze-coloured signage has been designed to be sympathetic to the York stone and features eye-level maps with useful details including how long it will take to walk to key city destinations. The multifunctional totems have been designed by accessibility experts to ensure that fonts and colours used, and even the height of the displays, make these accessible for disabled people, addressing one of the key issues regarding the practicality of the old fingerpost signs

Researchers are interviewing those using the new signage to see how effective they find it. Please go to the link below and spend five minutes completing our wayfinder survey. Your opinions will help to shape the signposting in York for many years to come.

Thank you!

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Prototype-St Helens Square small

Wayfinding Map Design

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