Car Parking

During our first term, influencing the City Council to improve the technology in car parks was a key remit for the York BID.  The technology was outdated and visitors often had to rush back to car parks to put more money in the meter.  The BID conducted a survey in 2017 looking at this factor, which showed that this experience had a negative perception for visitors and that new technology would be welcomed.

In 2018, the BID worked with City York Council to commission a national car parking consultant to review the Council’s 12 city centre car parks and recommend appropriate technology.  The study brought back options for each car park, focusing on solutions that made it easier for people to dwell in the city i.e. based on pay on exit / contactless technology / ANPR cameras.

In February 2019, City of York Council budgeted circa £300k for car park improvements.  The BID Board committed £100k to add to the pot.  The BID developed a steering group with the Council and aimed to update and convert two car parks with new technology.

Technology Updated

City of York Council, in partnership with York BID, introduced new ‘pay on exit’ equipment to Marygate and Coppergate Centre Car Park (formally known as Piccadilly) in April 2021.

The new ticketless technology, which has been upgraded to enable customers to pay for parking as they leave the car park, will significantly improve the customer journey and experience.

The new system uses ANPR cameras to provide ticketless parking at both car parks.

ANPR cameras will read the car registration plate on entering the car park. When visitors leave, all they need to do is go to the payment machine, type in their car registration plate and pay any required charge for their stay. 

Blue badge holders are able to scan their barcode or QR code for free or discounted parking at the Coppergate Centre Car Park.

ANPR cameras will read the car registration plate on leaving the car park. The ticketless parking system will recognise that payment has been made and the barrier will raise automatically to allow you to exit.

It’s hoped that the ‘pay on exit’ system will be rolled out across other city car parks.

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