Trade Waste

We all care about the look of our great city.  One of the unavoidable consequences of having a thriving businesses community, is the large quantities of waste and recycling that is often left outside businesses for collection.   The medieval floor-print of York means there is not the space to design shared waste collection areas, as you would have in a shopping centre.

The York BID has identified several issues with current waste and recycling services;

  • there are too many different providers coming into the city, causing congestion and collecting at different times;
  • prices are expensive;
  • there are limited recycling options.

After a feasibility study in late 2018, the York BID started a tender exercise in January 2019 to appoint a supplier of choice to deliver a BID branded trade waste service.  This service will be offered to all levy payers and will immediately offer better value for money and more recycling options.  The intention is that over time, by getting a critical mass of city centre businesses, the BID can keep prices down, but also provide a more coordinated collection service that will reduce the waste presentation issues that current affect the city.

It is hoped the new service will be operational from May/June 2019. For more information please contact

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