Anti-Social Loitering Scheme

 Deterring anti-social activity right on the doorstep of BID businesses

The Anti-Loitering Scheme is a programme aimed to serve as a deterrent to anti-social activity that occurs on businesses' private premises and doorways. Businesses who sign on to the scheme give the Rangers permission to ask those who engage in this activity on their BID business property to leave. It also allows the Rangers to provide information and support advice to those who need it. The Rangers maintain reports on such activity and work with partner agencies to ensure that the scheme is effective and reviewed regularly.

Reported activity can include:

  • Begging including hat/cap out in front of them
  • Unauthorised busking on business property
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Causing ASB or likely to cause ASB
  • Causing or likely to cause damage, litter or other rubbish that result in daily morning clean-ups by businesses

A sticker on the shopfront will indicate that the business participates in this scheme and has given consent for action to be taken. Interested in learning more? Contact  

anti loitering

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