Street Rangers

The York BID Street Rangers are the eyes and ears of the street in the city centre. They work with city partners, and take a friendly approach to deter anti-social behaviour or disorderly conduct and act as a reassuring presence to curtail potential crime. The Rangers are often the first to respond to businesses reporting low level crime. in 2018 they engaged with businesses 8,438 times prevented 920 criminal incidents, deterred 763 cases of anti-social behaviour recovered £25,621.97 of stolen stock and provided first aid 108 times

Rangers also serve as a welcoming presence, available to give information and assistance to residents and visitors to the city. The Street Rangers also log locations requiring improvements and work with relevant bodies to address any detected issues. All street rangers are professionally trained staff who have experience of working in similar capacities within the city centre. Rangers are easy to spot in their highly visible uniforms and are positioned throughout the BID area.

The Street Ranger programme was launched in September 2016 and operates all year round, supporting the BID’s initiative to boost safety and security in York city centre and is part of the BID’s overall commitment to enhancing the city’s inviting atmosphere for all who visit, work, study and live in York.

Normal Operating Hours: 9am-6pm Monday to Thursday, 10am-10pm Friday & Saturday, 11am-5pm Sunday


Rangers contact details:

07809 900794

Rangers 1

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