Taxi Marshals

Each year since 2017, the BID has levered funding from several sources including the Guildhall Ward Committee, Deans Court Hotel, Duncombe Place residents and taxi drivers to deliver a Taxi Marshals service for the Duncombe Place rank, operating late evening/early morning hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

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The scheme has been hailed as a great success by both taxi firms, users of the rank and businesses nearby. 

Simon Murphy, General Manager, Dean Court Hotel, "Our guests and the quality of their experience is our number one priority. With the ongoing concern of noise control outside the hotel’s rooms during the weekend nights, this programme will enable an effective taxi queue service and help our business and neighbouring businesses deliver the very best visit for our customers."

Lesley Cooke, Licensing manager, City of York Council "Since the Marshals have been in place we have seen a reduction in complaints from local residents and businesses in this area relating to ASB issues, and complaints about taxis not parking at the correct location on the rank."

Gary Graham, YHCA “Tonight I pulled up at the rank and a woman was upset as she'd lost her money and couldn't get home. Mark your Marshall paid for her taxi home. Fantastic service, awesome guy.”

The BID would like to thank the following partners for their contributions to the scheme: 

  • CYC Licensing
  • The Dean Court Hotel 
  • Duncombe Place residents
  • Gray's Solicitors
  • The York Hackney Cab Association (YHCA)
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