City Centre Insights January 2022

Our monthly report brings together data provided by O2, VISA and social media to offer a range of insights on the performance of York city centre. Click HERE to read the report for January 2022.
The latest O2 data indicates that during January 2022, York city centre experienced a 34% decrease in footfall when compared to the December 2021. Footfall was however 154% up on levels seen during January 2021 and has risen steadily across the month. The busiest period was seen during the last weekend in January.
Visitor demographics were overall consistent with December but show a lower proportion of visitors aged 35-44 and a higher proportion of visitors aged 18-24 and 65 and above. Trips to the city centre from over 50 km represented 34% of the total number of visitors.
The latest data provided by VISA for quarter 4 of 2021 (October – December) shows that merchant spend in city centre businesses increased by 10% compared to the previous 3-month period. Significant uplift in trade was seen across both the retail (25% increase), leisure (8% increase), and hospitality sectors (6% increase).