Collaboration with Forge continues to deliver sustainable and efficient waste management

York BID’s partnership with Forge Recycling continues to provide an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and operationally efficient waste management service for businesses in the city centre.

Due to this collaboration, the businesses of York are able to benefit from a seven-day commercial waste and recycling collection service, avoiding waste bags on pavements over weekends. Collection services include General Waste, Cardboard Bales, Mixed Recycling, Food and Compostable ware, and Glass and Paper Cup recycling services to cater to all waste production. Waste audits can be provided to formulate the most suitable service for each individual business.

Partnering with Forge allows York BID to continue their commitment to and investment in encouraging businesses and the city centre to become more sustainable, whilst benefitting their budget.

Forge ensure waste management is done properly. With a 97% first time collection rate and ensured 0% of waste going to landfill, businesses can trust that their service is being carried out as it should be. Forge work hard to maintain their high standards of quality, environmental responsibility and health and safety, signified through their ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 accreditations.

The innovative equipment involved in Forge’s waste collections ensures the most efficient and effective service. PDA systems in vehicles allow live streaming of waste collection data, which is fed directly to office staff and Key Account Managers, enabling a communicative and adaptable service.

Forge Recycling remain committed to offsetting carbon emissions from collections. Their newest Carbon Offsetting project is supporting a deforestation prevention project in Brazil’s rainforests, protecting 28,000 hectares of pristine rainforest in the western Acre state as well as delivering approximately 150,000 tonnes of emissions reductions each year. This is in addition to the continuation of UK tree planting project at the Forge Forest, Lowther. Here, Forge have planted over 6,000 trees to date, equating to 1,733 tonnes of CO2 capture, to offset Carbon and ensure that collections are Carbon Neutral.

Businesses interested in finding out more about the Forge service can contact Forge Recycling on 0345 5050 905 or email