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Clean & Sustainable

A cleaner and greener city

Your York BID 

Clean & Sustainable

A cleaner and greener city

York is a famously beautiful city and we want to ensure that its streets and public spaces shine.

Wherever possible, York BID will look to deliver projects that enhance the appearance of city spaces and make them more vibrant than ever before. We also want to do more for the environment by increasing the amount of green space in York city centre and improve air quality for pedestrians.


Street Cleaning

Our cleaning team operates seven days a week, working to keep our city streets looking beautiful and tidy.

Their work begins at 6am each morning, tackling ‘hotspots’ around the city, clearing away any biowaste, drug debris, graffiti and litter left from the night before.

Once trading hours start, our team is on call to support businesses with their Rapid Response Cleaning Service. This indispensable service is available to all levy paying businesses to keep the entrance ways and footpaths outside their premises sparkling and ready for customers.

City Dressing

Window dressing has a positive effect on the surrounding business community, leads to the quicker letting of empty properties and improves the overall look of the city for visitors and residents.

York BID works with landlords, agents and other partners to identify vacant commercial properties that would benefit from window displays, vinyl wraps or present an opportunity for pop-up shops and exhibitions.

During Christmas 2020, York BID transformed two vacant properties in York city centre, creating a spectacular ‘Fantastic Fiction’ feature to animate the city and create a point of interest during the winter lockdown.

debenhams store wrap_small
College Green edit

Public Seating & Play

Each summer, York BID rolls out several attractive outdoor seating areas dressed with floral displays and play elements for the public to enjoy.

Businesses benefit from experiential family-friendly spaces in different areas of the city centre to attract visitors, as well as places for staff to go for a well-earned break.

The additional seating makes York a more accessible, walkable city, and spending time outdoors makes people feel they are a part of the local community.

Bringing underutilised public spaces to life supports businesses, expanding their capacity beyond their physical constraints. These spaces are for anyone to use, to take food and drink purchased from local businesses, for picnics or simply to rest.


A bright, modern city needs a clear and smart way of signposting people around its streets.

Working with partners at the York Civic Trust and City York Council, York BID introduced a new city-wide wayfinding scheme that incorporates contemporary design which is in keeping with the heritage of York.

The culmination of a four-year project, a total of 50 new signs were installed in March 2021. The clear signage and maps help people get to their chosen destination, as well as encouraging them to explore lesser-known parts of the city.


Floral Displays

Floral displays make a huge contribution to the atmosphere and first impression of a city.

During summer 2018, York BID launched its first floral display project, installing bright hanging baskets, free-standing flower towers and planters across the city centre.

York BID has expanded the scheme every year, adding colour and vibrancy to the cityscape to complement the fabulous architecture and history on display all year round.

In 2021, the planting was adapted to include pollinator-friendly plants and a wildflower meadow, to create the nation’s biggest bee-friendly floral display. Bug hotels were also added to help York’s bee population thrive.

"We have worked closely with York BID on a number of successful projects in the Minster Precinct, such as pop-up seating for the College Green area. York BID have been fantastic to work with, hugely professional and bring fresh ideas to the city with many more in the pipeline.”

Alex McCallion, Director of Works & Precinct York Minster

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