Floral Displays

In its manifesto the BID committed to add to and enhance floral displays in York. During summer 2018 the York BID launched its first floral display project installing a number of hanging baskets, free-standing flower towers, and planters across the city centre. The installation was timed to compliment the launch of Bloom! festival celebrating the 250th anniversary of York Horticultural Society (the oldest society of its kind in the world). Despite the festival being a one-off event, the BID is committed to repeating the scheme on an annual basis for the foreseeable future.

The display is installed in June and reaches full bloom in just six weeks, bringing a splash of colour to the city. The BID has arranged a maintenance contract to keep the plants fed, watered and looking their best until the season comes to an end in September.

Have you got some snaps of BID planters in a favourite location? Share them with the BID team on twitter or Facebook using @theyorkbid or via email on info@theyorkbid.com 


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