Improving the cityscape

The BID undertook a programme of work in partnership with the City of York Council to make improvements to Parliament Street.

The work involved removing an obsolete fountain which had ceased fuctioning in 2012, and the demolision of an old public toilet block.

Fountain in 2000

In May 2018 the old fountain was demolished. It had previously been a popular meeting point, but had been obsolete since the water supply was cut off following the removal of another old toilet block at the other end of Parliament Street. 

The former public toilet block in St Sampsons Square was constructed in 1991, and had since fallen into disrepair. They had not been used since 2010.

The blocks removal enabled  the square to be better used, offering increased space for the temporary cultural, recreational and retail events that happen in the city.

The BID facilitated and co-funded the work with the City of York Council.

St Sampsons Sq

St Sampsons Toilets


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