Street Cleansing & Power Washing

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The BID’s enhanced street and pavement cleansing programme builds on the ongoing baseline cleansing efforts provided by the local authority and includes routine deep cleaning such as heavy-duty pavement jet wash, gum, flyposting and graffiti removal.  

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The service runs seven days a week and uses two York BID-branded caddy vans equipped with enhanced power-washing functions. Daytime services focus on maintaining the pavements and streets particularly surrounding bin areas, bus shelters and street furniture; evening services provide a deep steam-cleansing to the streets and gum and grime removal to stone pavements. During the first year the team covered nearly 60,000 sq/m of streets in the BID area removing circa 300,000 piece of chewing gum. Last year with a big proportion of the chewing gum removed a lot of the focus was on renovating streets and key areas back to their former glory.


The enhanced street cleaning service was launched in November 2016 and operates all year round. It supports the BID’s goal of improving the appearance and environment in York City Centre and are part of its commitment to enhancing the city’s inviting atmosphere.

Deep Clean for 2019

York's deep clean during 2019 has now been completed.

Earlier this year the street cleansing team tackled more areas of the city centre – from Museum street to Rougier Street. 

You can see the full details of the work carried out on the map below.

It is our most comprehensive deep clean yet. Thanks to powerful equipment, fitted with rotary head hot washers, the team can remove gum and ground-in grime from the streets.

This years works

 2019 deep clean


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