Partnerships with Local Agencies

The York BID actively participates in initiatives that promote safety in York, and along with several local agencies and partners, sits on a wider strategic group focused on developing and delivering joined up citywide programmes. We are working with York's police force, community organisations and Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers, and are involved in projects such as Operation Erase, Operation Safaria and City Centre Hot spots meetings, that aim to tackle local issues around drink-fuelled anti-social behaviour, vulnerable people in the community and providing support for the homeless.

The BID also sits on the night time economy and counter terrorism group, ensuring that the business community has a voice on all issues that involve keeping the city safe. The BID Rangers host weekly meetings which are attended by both the Police and NEOSs to share information and pool resources.

Recently the BID helped to facilitate an anti cycle theft campaign that brought together a number of city centre partners to provide awarness to cyclists when they arrived at the cycle racks.


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