The BID Renewal

Every 5 year, a Business Improvement District is required by law to renew its mandate to work on behalf of levy-paying businesses by means of a ballot. York BID is approaching the end of it's first term and as such, a renewal ballot will take place between 28th January and 25th February 2021 where city centre businesses will have the opportunity to vote on the company's continued operations for another 5 years. The Outline Business Plan shown below gives details of the proposed arrangements and initiatives for the new term.


The Ballot

A ballot paper will be sent by post to the registered ratepayer for each commercial property in the BID area with a rateable value of over £17,500. Businesses will thern have 28 days (28th January and 25th February 2021) to cast their vote. It’s easy! Simply fill out the form and return in the pre-paid postal envelope provided. The ballot will be managed, and results counted by Civica Electoral Serves. The results will be announced on Friday 26 February. On a successful ballot result, the new BID term will commence on 1st April 2021 and will run for a period of five years. For further details please refer to page 14 of the Outline Business Plan

We are aware that due to the circumstances presented by Covid-19, many people are working in different locations to those we have on record. Please get in touch to inform us where ballot papers should be sent by emailing or by filling out our online Contact Form

During these uncertain times it is crucial that UK towns and cities have a clear plan and strong leadership to carry them forward. Without your support in the coming ballot, valuable investment, improvements, and services could be lost from the city centre indefinately. We are counting on the business community to vote for a brighter future and a prosperous city centre economy.

Vote YES for the York BID renewal

Key dates


BID Project Showcase Video

As a reminder of some of the projects the BID has delivered during its first term, we have prepared a short showcase video which can be viewed below:

York BID Film from The York BID on Vimeo.

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